Friday, January 1, 2016

12-31-2015 to 1-1-2016 New Years

We started the night with the "glow party" at The Lucky Lobster.

We met up with some friends there and tried to endure the deafening music.  We like the place, but we ended up bailing on
the event because the music was way too loud and making Eric's ears ring.

We headed over to Windschief Bar.

They were playing our kind of music at a reasonable level.

We had a fantastic time at Windschief, as usual.


Our friend, Tanya.

Our friend, Chef Rob.

Not sure who this boy is, but Eric ended up giving him the 2016 glasses, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Bar owner, Oli, in his usual position as DJ.

Later in the afternoon on New Years Day we went to Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack for their 6 year anniversary.

It was pretty quiet there, but we enjoyed just hanging out.

Happy 6th Birthday Driftwood!!!

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