Thursday, February 11, 2016

2-11-2016 Crazy Sailing Day

Several friends really wanted to go sailing to the cayes, even with the strong north wind and big waves, and we wanted to get more time on the water with more experienced sailors.  So, we rode with our friend Mark on his 18' Hobie Cat, while Pam, Gerry and Diana rode on Pam's catamaran. Well, we wanted more experience, and that's exactly what we got!

Even though Mark's boat has "wings" that you can sit on, it was a FAST, WET, WILD ride!  It was impossible to get any
photos until we were on dry land at South Water Caye.  The water looks calm here because this area is more protected from
the wind, but this is NOT what we experienced for the majority of the day.  In fact, when we were crossing the channel
between the bay and the cayes we "pitchpoled" the boat - that means we accidentally dug both front hulls into a wave,
bringing the boat to an abrupt halt and flipping it end over end.  We all got pushed forward into the water, but somehow the
boat ended up on one side (not completely turtled), so we were able to right it easily.  Thankfully, nobody got really hurt,
nobody flipped out, nothing on the boat broke, and we didn't lose anything, so it all worked out in the end, and now we have
another good story.  ;)

There are a couple of bars and a few resorts on South Water Caye. This bar wasn't open yet that day. Too bad for Cara
because she would have really liked a drink after the sailing "experience".

Pam, Gerry, Mark and Diana relaxing after lunch (and preparing for the fast, wet, less wild ride home).

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