Monday, February 22, 2016

2-22-2016 Sunset Sailing Trip

Our friend Bryan was doing a sunset sailing trip, which sounded like fun, so Cara, Sabrina, her friend Valerie, and Valerie's
friend Ashley, went and made it a ladies trip. Here are Ashley, Valerie and Sabrina waiting on the boat at the marina.

There was supposed to be a couple from one of the resorts going on the trip as well, but we waited about 45 minutes and they
never showed up, so we left without them.  The sunset wasn't going to wait on anybody.

The marina is so pretty, and you often see interesting wildlife there.

See the heron hanging out by the Curve Bar at the marina?

We also got to see the resident crocodile at the marina, who seemed to pose for Cara.

Bryan's dog, Kiki, wasn't supposed to go on the boat, but she snuck over to the marina, so she got to go on the ladies trip and
appeared to love it.

Kiki got lots of attention.

It was a beautiful evening on the water.

We saw a boat approaching, and at first we thought we were being boarded by pirates.  ;)

But Bryan knew and is neighbors with the owner of this unique craft.

Captain Bryan and First Mate, Kiki

The progression of the sunset was wonderful to watch.

On the river returning to the marina we saw the moon rise.

What a lovely evening it was!

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