Sunday, March 27, 2016

3-26-2016 Hopkins International Parranda Fest

Parranda Fest is a huge annual music event at Palmento Grove in Hopkins, and it is held the night of Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday.  It's an all night concert featuring "indigenous cultural music" (according to their Facebook page) - it starts at 7 pm and ends at 7 am, but things don't really get going before midnight.  We met up with several friends and hung out at the concert together.  We had a blast, though we could only stay until about 5 am because we needed to get some sleep before leaving later that day for Belize City to pick up our friends.

Emma with Derek (sp?), who is the man behind the amazing photos of Hopkins UnCut on Facebook.

Our friend Tatiana owns Thongs Restaurant in the village

Zero Tolerance with Jess Flores

Zero Tolerance - yes, the one musician is playing turtle shells.

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