Sunday, March 27, 2016

3-27-2016 Start of 5 days with friends from Indianapolis

 Some of our best friends from Indianapolis arrived on Easter Sunday and we had a great time.    They got through customs at about 5 in the evening.

We picked up our Friends from Indianapolis who were able to stay for 5 total nights.
We picked them up late in the day and it was Easter Sunday so we headed off to a Black Orchid Resort which we had reserved.

The grounds were very nicely kept.  We chose this place because it was Easter Sunday and we wanted a place to hang out that night and a place that was open to eat.

There were nice river views

This river was very important to the Mayans as a major highway

We got lucky and saw some howler monkeys

That is a Howler monkey in the middle there

They had a really cool set of prayer flags hung up.  Each was made by some children who were expressing their dreams.

I wish I had taken individual pictures of some of them.  They were very entertaining and genuine.

World peace
Everybody was really nice and the resort was very comfortable

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