Monday, April 11, 2016

4-10-2016 Day of Sailing

We went out for a ride on Brujula Sailing  Their website is at

Brian and Regina own the Boat and along for the ride was the guide Mathew and his son Chris along with Eric and Cara, and Jake and Nichole.

We left at about 9 in the morning and we got back at 5:45 or so.

I did a virtual tour of Bread and Butter Caye

The guide Mathew
We motor down the river and then sail over about 5 miles to the island

Regina pulls in the sail as we get to Bread and Butter Caye catches fish in the morning and cooks them for you.  They go out by powerboat.

There is very good snorkeling on Bread and Butter caye

They don't show up in the picture, but there are thousands of tiny fish everywhere

That is the sailboat we went out on

Chris caught a 13 lb. Cobia

It was a really nice ride home

Jake and Nichole were people we just met on the trip.  They are vacationing in Hopkins.

the sunset looked better in real life, it was very orange

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