Monday, May 16, 2016

5-15-2016 Nick & Amanda's Engagement Party

Sabrina's son, Nick, surprised his girlfriend, Amanda, by proposing to her during a staged photo shoot "for the rental property".

Congratulations Nick and Amanda!  They will have the wedding in Belize next year.

The happy couple with parents

So, an engagement party was thrown for Nick and Amanda.  Amanda's mother, Jennifer, was happy to be here for the actual
engagement and the party.

The party started about 3 in the afternoon and continued on late in to the evening.  It was a really fun, fantastic night!!!

Our friend Jonathan's father was hired to roast a whole pig for the party - Filipino style.

The pig - there were also a couple of roasted chickens for those who don't eat pork.

Cara played bartender most of the evening

Roi, at left, is the photographer who did the engagement photos for Nick and Amanda.

Our friend Emma managed to get Eric on the dance floor very briefly.

Uh oh!  Time for Rising Sun shots...

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