Sunday, May 29, 2016

5-28 to 5-29-2016 Hopkins Mango Fest

Mango Fest is one of the biggest, best organized events in Hopkins. Last year was fun, and so was this year. The bonus was
being able to walk to/from the event since we're in the village now.

What kid doesn't love a trampoline?

There were vendors from all over Belize. The Farm House Deli came from Belmopan, about two hours away.

Miss Deb's came from even further away in the Cayo District - Santa Elena is about two and a half hours away.

The concerts the first night were packed. We were happy to be outside the main tent anyway because it was plenty loud.

We started the next day with "Chicken Plop Bingo" - in the US they use a different word than "plop", but we're sure you know
what it means.

Catching a chicken for the first game

Total let down - the very moment the chicken was put in the bingo pen it did it's business, but NOT on our number.  :(

All the food and drink vendors showcased mangoes when they could, but everyone was complaining that the mangoes aren't
really ripe yet.  Be that as it may, we still enjoyed delicious mango juice, mango slushes, mango daiquiris, mango salsa,
mango enchiladas, and fresh mangoes over sweet rice (should have gotten a pic of this Filipino dish because the bright green
rice against the orange mango was beautiful).

After the stage collapsed (thankfully we didn't hear of any injuries), an impromptu drum circle formed behind the beer tent,
and everyone over there was singing and dancing along to the well-known songs. No surprise - this is Hopkins, Belize, which
loves and is known for drumming!

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