Sunday, June 12, 2016

6-12-2016 Karlan's Going Away Beach Day

Our friend Karlan is returning to Alaska for the (cooler) summer, so she decided to have a day enjoying the beach with friends
before leaving. It was certainly hot enough to appreciate the beach, but the shade and strong breeze kept everyone cool
enough that three of us had to convince ourselves to actually get in and swim - glad we did though.

Karlan, the one putting away her violin, is the one leaving.  :(  We will miss her and her music.

It was extremely relaxing and enjoyable hanging out on the beach with friends.

It was a perfect potluck picnic - chips and homemade hummus, bean & corn salsa, fresh mango
salsa, plus watermelon and mango slices.

Thanks, Karlan, and bon voyage - we hope to see you back in Belize!

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