Saturday, June 25, 2016

6-25-2016 Placencia Lobsterfest

Saturday morning we decided to head south to Lobsterfest in Placencia.
Some friends, Siobhan and Walter, went with us, and we had a great time
checking out the event and walking around the village.

It wasn't cheap, but you could get lobster in all kinds of meals: whole grilled lobster, grilled lobster tails, lobster tacos,
lobster quesadillas, lobster ceviche, lobster pasta, lobster spring rolls, lobster muffins, etc.

We ran into Cyril from Belize in America - of course, he was taking pictures to document the event for his website.

Here Cyril is taking a picture of the winner of the Beer Drinking Contest (the guy was from Boston).

It was a hot, sunny day, but there was a nice breeze off the ocean.

Inside the sports bar at the Tipsy Tuna - love the indoor sand floor!

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