Sunday, June 5, 2016

6-4 to 6-5-2016 Graduation Party & PG

A friend's daughter graduated from Toledo Community College, and we got to go to the celebration in his village (in the
Toledo District of southern Belize). It took place in the new church right next to their house. In this picture the graduate is at
the podium at the front saying a few words of thanks.

After words from the graduate and her father, there was basically a church service, which was delivered in a mix of Spanish,
and Kekchi Mayan, with a little English thrown in here and there. We couldn't understand a lot of what was said, but the
preacher's delivery method was much like a "fire and brimstone" Southern Baptist sermon. Pretty much the whole village was
there, as well a lot of people from the nearby villages, probably, and that kind of community support was beautiful to see. The
benches were all full, and we stood with loads of people under the shade of the nearby trees.

There were live musicians accompanying the preacher and playing religious songs - fun, upbeat sounding songs - not the
solemn hymns we grew up with. People clapped to the beat, and the kids were all happy and singing along.

After the service people started bringing plates of food for everyone - plates mounded with rice & beans, chicken and pork.

The proud graduate, Florentina, with her diploma - congrats!!!  

After the party we headed just a little further south to Punta Gorda (PG) for the night. We met up with a friend there, checked
out a small event that was happening in the town square, had dinner, and stayed up late talking.

The lovely view from our friend Patrick's place, where he was nice enough to put us up for the night.

Not much goes on in PG on a Sunday, so after breakfast we headed back home to Hopkins.

Farewell Punta Gorda - until next time!

You may have to zoom in, but this is a guy on a bicycle carrying lumber on his shoulder. It's not uncommon to see people
hauling all kinds of big, heavy objects on their bicycles, which we're thinking takes some talent, especially with the state of
the roads in Belize.

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