Sunday, July 17, 2016

7-17-2016 Sabrina's Surprise Birthday Party

It's pretty hard to pull off a surprise party for someone, at their own home, without them leaving then returning, but somehow
Mark managed to do this for Sabrina's birthday. She was actually surprised!

Sabrina's beautiful birthday flower arrangement

Several friends showed up and we hung out at Mark & Sabrina's "Bamboo Bar". Ingrid made lunch and Mojitos for everyone.

Sabrina and Dorla


Yuri, Victoriano and Sabrina

Chef Rob

Dorla found a nice shady place to sit and watch her boys swim in the sea.

The boys weren't the only ones swimming - lots of people got in the water on this hot, beautiful, sunny day.

Mark & Sabrina

Ingrid and Birgit

Mark found a nice shady place to nap after his swim.

Mark, Ingrid and Tango

Christopher is happy his big brother, James, is here for the summer.

Cara, Siobhan and Mac

Siobhan and Mac enjoyed the lovely dock.

It was a fantastic day, and everyone had a great time - even Mac, though he complained that it's hardly a birthday without dancing.  (It's a cultural thing.)  I guess we got started too early in the day, because there usually is some dancing at any party at the Bamboo Bar, but it often happens later at night.

P.S. Many thanks to our friend Birgit Bauer for letting us use some of her photos on this blog post!

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