Monday, July 25, 2016

7-25-2016 Impromptu Welcome Party for Friends

Janine and her husband Dean (not pictured - that's Mark in the picture) just built a house next door to Mark & Sabrina, and it's
now finished, so they came down for a visit to finalize a few things before they move down for good next year.

Simonetta (in white) just arrived to move down here permanently!  Cara had called her to see if she wanted to get together,
but she said a party was brewing at Mark's so we headed over there. Simonetta could hardly believe that she is finally here for
good (not just another visit) and she was very excited.

Eric with Dean (Janine's other half)

Lots of friends showed up, and everyone had a great time.

Simonetta had even made some new friends on the airplane from the US to Belize. As it turned out, the couple was also
coming to Hopkins, so Simonetta invited them to the party as well.  It was the first time outside the US together for
Mohammed (giving the peace sign) and his wife, Fahria (not pictured) - they were super nice and blown away by how their
vacation started.

Thumbs up, indeed! It was a fabulous night. Also, many thanks to Dean for letting me use his pictures in this post. (Somehow
we failed to take any photos that night.)

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