Monday, July 4, 2016

7-4-2016 Funeral for Jess Flores

We were not able to make it to a third tribute concert in Dangriga, or the wake the night before. However, we did make it to
Sacred Heart Church in Dangriga for the funeral. This picture is before the service began, because the church did fill up, and
some people stood outside.

We've been to many open-casket funerals before, but we didn't expect to find it right at the entrance to the church.
Boom - big emotions right away!

There was a tribute portion before the service that included music and dance performances, and remembrances by friends and

We didn't catch this performers name, but he played guitar and sang one of Jess' songs and nailed it! Plus, the chorus was sung
not only by the gospel choir at the front of the church, but also by most of the congregation. It was really overwhelming. After 
the tribute portion was a full-on Catholic church service, with communion and incense and everything

After the church service everyone headed over to the cemetery just down the road.

The hearse was at the tail end of the funeral procession. It was led by a truck with big speakers in the back playing traditional
music, and the people all followed that dancing  and singing along.

People gathered around Jess' burial site. Everyone sat and watched as the casket was lowered by hand and buried by shovel.

The "Afterpass" was held down the street at a bar/restaurant called Slaughterhouse.

There was free food for all attendees, plus music and mingling.

This is a panorama from one side of the stage looking back at the bar/restaurant building.

Note; At first we weren't going to take any photos since it was a funeral, but then we saw that pretty much everyone else was taking pictures and videos, so then we didn't feel so bad.

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