Monday, November 14, 2016

11-13 to 11-14-2016 Super Moon

The 13th and/or 14th was supposed to be the biggest supermoon in sixty-some years. We missed the moon rise over the sea on
the 13th, but here was a look at it from our yard later in the evening. I think the super moon was supposed to have the best
viewing in the very early morning hours of the 14th, but we couldn't stay up or get up for that, so this is what we got. It didn't
seem particularly large, though it did seem very bright.

On the 14th we watched the moon rise over the water from the public dock. It was super orange, but, of course, pictures never
do it justice, and our cameras don't take good night pictures anyway, so it just looks like a colored blob. Oh well, we tried, and
it went behind the clouds after that so we moved.

Later that evening we had dinner at Siomara's Restaurant and caught another nice view of the moon...

Zoomed in...bright moon, through the clouds, framed by palm trees and a rooftop.

We each had yummy quesadillas at Siomara's (shrimp for Eric, veggie for Cara) - this is Cara's veggie quesadilla.

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