Thursday, November 24, 2016

11-24-2016 Thanksgiving Potluck

This year we went to a Thanksgiving potluck along with several friends. Turkey was provided,
and here one of two turkeys is being carved.

The party was hosted by Cindy and Joe at Caribbean Shores Bed & Breakfast. (Cindy has her back to the camera here.)

Some people watched or periodically checked in on football.

Most people hung out and socialized on the lovely covered deck area.

It used to be a public bar, but now this area is just for guests to use.

There was quite a spread of food, and amazingly, without coordinating, nobody duplicated dishes.

Everything was delicious, and there were plenty of nice vegetarian options for Cara.

There were a lot of people for dinner, but the venue was perfect, and it was a great night.

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