Sunday, December 25, 2016

12-25-2016 Christmas Potluck

Christmas Day we went to a potluck/fundraiser at Diversity Cafe, which is Janette's annual tradition there. Here is Ed
bringing just one of the turkeys. There were at least two turkeys and a ham provided.

Everyone had hoped the rain would stay away, but there were a couple of downpours.

Will in the kitchen carving a turkey

We brought the Santa hats from last Christmas, and some people did make use of them.

The dessert table and donation box

About half of the entree dishes that people brought - there was a ton of food!

Thankfully it did not rain all day, so people were able to sit and eat outside.

Lots of our friends were there, and we also met some new people.

Jungle Jeanie (a sweetheart go-getter who reminds us of Eric's late grandmother Mable) with Gwen

The food was delicious, and we stuffed ourselves, so we didn't stay late. We went home and crashed in a delightful food coma.

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