Friday, December 30, 2016

12-30-2016 Wine Tasting

Aaaahhhhh, wine in's generally almost twice as much as you would pay in the States, and it hasn't been stored
well, and even the dry reds are served cold, so we have basically given up on it. But then we learned of a guy that could
import it directly from Chile, knowing that it was stored well, and at reasonable prices. So, we were thrilled to attend a
tasting of the wines he could get.

He had a few dry whites and a few dry reds. We are generally dry red drinkers, and that's what we liked this time (no surprise).

It was a beautiful day to be drinking wine on the beach!

A lot of our friends were there because everyone wants to get good, affordable wine.

It was a great success, and now there is monthly wine delivery to Hopkins - yay!

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