Sunday, January 1, 2017

1-1-2017 Sunday Beach Walk - New Year's Day Edition

At Jalapeno's BBQ & Grill, our first stop on this Sunday beach walk, we lucked into seeing some Jankunu performers!

It is traditional for these drummers and dancers to go around performing for tips on major holidays.

Somehow it was our first time seeing the Jankunu dancers - what a treat!

The costumes alone are something else! Cara googled it, and the dance originated during times of slavery, and the costumes
and dance (Jankunu/Junkanoo/John Canoe) were meant to mock the English slave owners.

Here is a portion of the performance we saw:

Later that evening we went to a live music event at Swinging Armadillo's, which was a fundraiser for a friend's brother who
was in the hospital with complications from a burst appendix.

A decent amount of money was raised to help with the hospital bills, and everyone had a great time at the event.

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