Saturday, January 14, 2017

1-14-2017 Walk on the beach and working on

As a hobby we have been working on  Maybe we spend 1/2 day per week on this.  The website is a basic business guide for the village.  We are listing everybody on and we are also listing people on Google maps and we are doing a complete streetview for Hopkins.  It is all online now.

Our virtual reality pictures need to be taken when the sun is directly overhead so that the businesses on one side or the other do not get shaded.

We take detailed pictures of the signs and the hours so that Google can read that and read the location and feel comfortable adding the business.

This is the basic Menu for Virge Kitchen.  They also make something like stewed chicken or BBQ pork or Conch soup as a daily special

This is the interior of Virge Kitchen

we grabbed a snack and we added them to google maps and posted these pics

After that we packed up the backpack and took off for a long beach walk of about 8 miles round trip

Destination of the trip was Hal, Connie, and Kyle.  They are from Calgary, Canada.

They had a small little dock party and it was a lot of fun.

Just another day on the beach
After that we corralled Kyle and hooked a ride into town to watch the band.  Below is a sample.

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