Sunday, January 8, 2017

1-8-2017 Sunday Beach walk on Hopkins North Side

Sunday we often go on a beach walk on the Hopkins North Side.  It is about 4 miles round trip and you pass 8 places to eat and drink along the way.

Usually you pick up some people that are also doing a beach walk and you join forces.  Regina lives on an island but comes to Hopkins once a month.

The weather was very nice on this day

This is a panarama shot at Driftwood bar and pizza shack

At Weiga there is a little lookout at the top of their Palapa bar

A view of the tree tops from the Palapa lookout

Sherwin is a fun guy to hang out with

At the very north end of the beach in Hopkins is a place that everybody calls Hawaii for some reason.  You often find fishermen here and this is the outlet of the fresh water marsh and there is a large freshwater lagoon up there too.

The sunsets are beautiful here.  This is the stream that is flowing to the ocean.

This is the most northerly resort in Hopkins called Sierra Del Mar
After the beach walk we ended up at Virge Kitchen for some more snacks

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