Sunday, February 19, 2017

2-19-2017 Trip to the Cayes with Terry and Greg

Terry lives in Hopkins and also lives in Edmunton.  His son, Greg was down for a couple of weeks.  We decided at the last minute to go to the Cayes and we ended up leaving at about noon.

We drove to a spot near the gas station and then the guys walked over for some gas

There is Terry and Greg ....Terry is the old one

Easy Breezy is in the front and he helped make this happen

You never get tired of seeing that blue blue water

Terry caught a fish

The guys we went out with caught a bunch of fish and a bunch of crabs and other stuff....We grilled it all up.

The place looks trashy....this is a fisherman island....that means that nobody really owns it, and instead people just build it up.  They recycle everything.

They shelter in these cabins and they fish 

Nice views

Add caption

Group photo

Easy Breezy is the king of the selfie

We ran out of beer because there were a lot of people at the fisherman island, so we took a boat trip to a nearby island to get more

It was a beautiful island and I need to figure out what the name of it is.

I really wanted to get back there because they have tons of really nice necky kayaks

Terry and Greg had a nice time .... as did we all....we used the last of the light to get home

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