Thursday, February 2, 2017

2-2-2017 Day in San Ignacio with Emma

Emma is a friend from Hopkins and she was supposed to meet us the day before, but she was riding her motorcycle, it was raining, and she wasn't feeling very good.  We met her for breakfast, poked around town then headed off.

It is hard to find all the spices you like in Hopkins....this is a whole spice shop

They had a beautifully painted wall next to our hotel

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It deserved three pictures on the Blog because it looked so nice.  

This explains the mural.  You can click on view larger here on the blog.
Next we went to the Iguana Sanctuary that is located in the San Ignacio Resort Hotel

When the Queen of England visited Belize she stayed here

We came to see the Iguana Sanctuary

the trail was well kept

You can see the enclosure in the distance

This is the size of the enclosure

They are very Tame

Emma loves them

Look at the Iguana on the top. of the enclosure.  

On the way home we stopped off at the meat market

We stopped off at the Hot Momma Hot sauce factory

It is a hands on process

The prices were fairly high....I think it is cheaper in the supermarket.

Next to the Hot Momma's was a BBQ joint so we decided to give it a shot!

Prices are in Belize Dollars.  Belize Dollars are worth 50 cents a piece

Emma rode her motorcycle.  If you want to rent one then google Alternate Adventures

On the way home we saw a rainbow

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