Friday, January 13, 2017

1-13-2017 Photo shoot at Chef Rob's Gourmet Cafe and music at Jalapenos

Chef Rob's Gourmet Cafe adjoins Parrot Cove Lodge and this year they did a complete remodel.  That means that they need to update all of their pictures on their website and their profiles.  Roi is a photographer by trade and has recently settled down in Belize.  I hope to update this post with what the final pictures look like.

Be sure to scroll down to see some good videos of the night's steller musical performance.

Roi is a on the right and is a very good photographer.  On this day Eric was the assistant and these are some of the models

These are two of the models for the shoot.
Chef Rob was busy preparing the meals for the shoot

That evening Steev Inglish, his wife, and Trevor Wall were playing at Jalapenos.  They know most songs and play blues.
Below is a youtube Video of the band singing MOJO  (note if you are in Belize you need to click settings on this video then select a decent resolution and then pause and wait for it to buffer up)

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