Saturday, March 11, 2017

3-11-2017 Hopkins Kite Festival

Saturday was the 13th Annual Hopkins Kite Festival, which is a nice event for the community.

There was a BBQ sale that helped the nearby church.

There was a DJ for most of the day.

There as also a nice station for the kids to build their own kites, with help from some adults if they wanted it.

There were also drinks for sale.

It's a sign of the times - the kites used to all be homemade, but there are more and more store-bought kites each year.

Later in the afternoon our friend's band, Zero Tolerance, played under the palapa.

Announcing the winners and giving out prizes - there were prizes for things like highest flying and longest flying kite.

After the kite festival we went with a friend to Jalapenos BBQ & Grill.

There was more live music from Zero Tolerance.

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