Sunday, March 12, 2017

3-12-2017 Sunday Beach Walk and a Party

Our friend Regina was in town for the weekend, so she joined us for our Sunday beach walk. We stopped at Queen Bean
Restaurant for lunch.

We shared some veggie nachos (pictured here) and some chicken nachos.

We stopped briefly at a few other bar/restaurants along the way, and made it all the way to "Hawaii", the local name for the
place where the lagoon from the wet grass savannah meets the sea.

Emma came on her motorcycle to meet us at Hawaii.

Hawaii is what the locals call the little beach that is formed as the fresh water lagoon and the savannah drain into the ocean.  It is a very large area and has a large creek flowing out of it.  The locals love to fish here.

Later that evening we went to the fun birthday/pre-opening party for Birgit and Birgit's Bottle Bar. Okay, we failed to get a
picture of  Birgit that night, but here are Simonetta and Annett. In the background you can see one wall of the Bottle Bar, so
named because the walls are made of concrete and empty alcohol bottles. Pretty cool!

Guido, Simonetta and Annett

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