Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3-15-2017 Monthly Mini-golf Tournament

This Wednesday evening was the monthly mini-golf tournament. We went early to practice, and so did our friend Ed, pictured
here taking a swing at Hole #6.

We had time to eat before the tournament started.

We also had time to watch our friends play some foosball.

Then things got going for the tournament.

Kimberly, a tourist visiting with her family, happened upon the tournament this evening and they all played. Kimberly said
she wasn't very good, and we reassured her that there was also a prize (free drink) for last place, so she thought she might have
a chance. Lo and behold, she DID win that last place drink!

Eric's teammates: Johnisha, Ant (Antony), and Kimberly

As it turned out, our friends Will and Leslie came in first and third, and they were ecstatic!  (Eric came in second - woohoo!)

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