Wednesday, March 22, 2017

3-22-2017 Big Catamaran Sailing Trip

Our friend Emma had her parents and some friends in town visiting, so she arranged a sailing trip aboard The Cat's Meow and
invited a bunch of other local friends.

We were invited and couldn't pass up the opportunity to get out on the water in this unique boat.

All ready to go!

Almost done with the river section and ready to head to sea.

There was no wind, so we had to motor the whole way, but it was still quiet, smooth and enjoyable.

Captain Kenney (owner) at the helm

There were nice places to hang out in the sun or in the shade.

Some took this opportunity to do "Titanic" style photos. Here's Terry holding Guido.

Here's Terry holding Gwen.

Emma couldn't decide if she wanted to hold Terry or kick him off.

So, that started a little wresting match...

...that ended in Emma doing a handstand?! Yup. Huh?

Guido took every opportunity to fish.

Tuff Love was our guide. He did a great job, even diving down 70 feet to retrieve the ring of our friend's mother after it slipped
off her finger!

The sandbar where we ended up hanging out all day.

Ready for snorkeling

This is the first of several pictures taken with the GoPro camera in its waterproof case.

There is some coral in the shallow waters surrounding the "sandbar", and you will see some smaller fish there.

Emma (in front), Pam, Terry and Cara at the "sandbar" proper.

Emma, Pam and Cara at "the sandbar", which is really only a dry sandbar at low tide.

This time it was underwater, but only by a couple of inches.

Terry's father, Bob, with Dory, the other owner/host

More fishing for Guido

Guido even swam out with his fishing pole to the other side of the sandbar and tried fishing there.

Emma said that was one great nap.

Guido and Simonetta

Cara and Gwen

Headed back to the marina at the end of a beautiful day.

What a great group!

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