Friday, March 24, 2017

3-24-2017 Ladies Day in Placencia

Cara's friend Emma had two other friends (Katarina and Laura) visiting. We were all supposed to go to Placencia for the day, but Emma ended up not being able to make it because of unexpected work delays.  Laura had goma (hangover in the local language), so she spent most of the day in one spot, lounging on the beach and in shaded hammocks, drinking coconut water and a fresh fruit smoothie. Katarina and Cara walked all over Placencia, looking for souvenirs for Katarina's children and visiting the second-hand stores.

We stopped at the Tipsy Tuna and had Coffee Coladas - yum!

The waiter was nice enough to take our picture.

We kept checking back with Laura. She enjoyed her time on the beach, and eventually felt better. We had lunch at The Shak
(this is Cara's Greek Salad with Falafel), then gelato and espresso at Tutti Frutti.

Katarina, Laura and Cara at the end of the peninsula - Emma, wish you had been here too! 

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