Saturday, March 4, 2017

3-4-2017 Day in Placencia

Placencia is definitely touristy for Belize, but it's still a nice place to take people for a day. We started with smoothies from
The Shak at the end of the sidewalk.

We walked along the sidewalk and the family stopped in the stores for some souvenir shopping. Then we needed a rest.

We stopped in for a drink at the Tipsy Tuna. Of course, several people approached us selling things, which turned out to be
good, because one of them had the exact type of Mayan mask that Cheryl had been searching for all day.

We left the Tipsy Tuna and continued our walk.

Beauty is everywhere in Belize!

We cut over to walk the main road back to our car.

We had lunch at a nice place called Wendy's Creole Restaurant. Normally, you don't go to Placencia without stopping for
gelato at Tutti Frutti, but everyone was so stuffed after lunch we actually skipped it!

Eric always stops to see the parrots near the end of the road.

That night we had a delicious dinner on the beach at Luba Laruga, then headed down the road to Jalapeno's BBQ & Grill for
live music. Nancy and Cheryl liked the "No Working During Drinking Hours" sign, so they had to get their photo in front of it.

Cheers to a lovely day!

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