Sunday, March 5, 2017

3-5-2017 Waterfall and Sunday Beach Walk - Family Edition

We had to show the family a waterfall, and the one at Mayan World Adventures is the easiest to get to, as well as beautiful.

Of course, their new marker on the road is a natural photo opportunity.

This is supposed to eventually be a restaurant.

View from the restaurant-to-be

Cheryl and Paul and the upper falls

Eric, Mom (Nancy) and Cara at the upper falls

Panoramic view from the platform by the upper falls

Paul and Cheryl by the upper falls

Eric has always enjoyed his Uncle Paul's company, and it still holds true.

They never cease to have things to discuss.

The ladies enjoyed getting a free pedicure from the little fish that eat the dead skin on your feet.

Another view of the ladies enjoying their pedicures

Cheryl, Paul and Cara at the lower falls

Looking downstream from the lower falls to the restaurant in progress.

Cara at the lowest falls, which is hardly a falls, and nobody swims in that pool.

A big flock of beautiful white birds (herons, maybe?) along the roadside on the way home.

We returned home to Villa Rising Sun and found that Tango, the dog of our friends (the owners), had got a new bone, and she
was mighty proud of it.

She carried the new bone everywhere and eventually (inevitably) tried to bury it. That is a long process, though, because she
will cover it with sand, nudge it (partially uncovering it) to make sure it's still there, then recover it with sand, nudge it again,
recover, nudge, recover, nudge, recover, get the idea.

After lunch and naps we headed out for our normal Sunday beach walk. First stop - Luba Laruga!

Cheryl wanted her picture taken with EazyBreezy, who had been helping out as the bartender on the (very busy) night we ate
at Luba Laruga.

We also stopped at Queen Bean Restaurant.

We made it to Driftwood again and took at photo at the "fence of lost soles".

We ended our wonderful, long day at Rhum Shak for happy hour!

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