Monday, March 6, 2017

3-6-2017 Shopping, Kayaking and Music

The family still had some souvenir shopping they wanted to do, so we took them around to the local places in Hopkins. Our
first stop was Hopkins Kulcha Tours & Gift Shop.

Some nice things were also found at Seashell Arts by Alex.

We had not yet been to the newest (and biggest) gift shop, so we took them to Garimaya Musuem (which has Garifuna and
Mayan arts).

Kids were playing the drums outside the shop, so Nancy and Cheryl had to dance a little. Actually the boy playing is Pappy,
the naturally talented son of Jess Flores, our incredible musician friend who died last summer. Digna, standing in the
doorway, was Jess' wife.

The shop is enormous and impressive.

It is full of all kinds of beautiful local art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, and much more!

A little more drumming before we left...

We had a delicious lunch at Geckos Restaurant before returning "home".

Neighbor Dean had invited us to go kayaking, and Uncle Paul really wanted to try it, so we went out even though the waters
were just a little bit rough.

We paddled south around False Sittee Point and decided to go to Mangoes Beach Bar for a drink. (That's somewhere on the
shore in the distance, roughly in the middle of the photo.)

We arrived to find that Mangoes is closed on Mondays, which this was.

However, the owners live upstairs, and the daughter was kind enough to come down and sell us a few beers. We hung out on
their deck for a bit before heading back. The sea was rougher then, and Dean and Paul ended up flipping. Fortunately, the
water is warm, they easily got back in the boat, and we were on our way home to warm showers.

That evening we went to Innies Restaurant for dinner and their culture night, featuring Garifuna music and dancing. Everyone
loved it.


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