Sunday, April 16, 2017

4-16-2017 Easter Sunday Beach Walk

On Easter Sunday we relaxed and recovered from the night before for most of the day. Later in the afternoon we decided to do our usual beach walk.

Leaving our house we ran into this newest business venture in Hopkins, which we think is a great idea!

We stopped at Luba Laruga, and there was a nice scene there.

Eric had a quick bite - a chicken burger with garlic potatoes.

We continued north on the beach.

Once again there was a party at Queen Bean Restaurant. Several of the bands from the concert were playing here.

We stayed for a bit then continued north.

We stopped at Laruni Hati Beyabu restaurant, where Cara had to get the cassava fries that she
finds so deliciously addictive.

We continued up to Weiga because we wanted to see how the sargassum/erosion issue was going.

We were surprised and happy to find the huge mat of sargassum was gone, and there didn't appear to be much beach loss.

We climbed the lookout tower in hopes of a nice sunset. Well, we tried.

We considered going back to Queen Bean for the party, but we were pretty tired and decided to go home early and watch a movie instead.

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