Sunday, April 23, 2017

4-23-2017 Sunday Funday

As it turned out, we had three events to attend this particular Sunday, and they all sounded like fun, and they all overlapped, so definitely no Sunday beach walk for us today. We tried our best to spread our time between all three events.

First we went over to our musician friend Trevor's house because they were going to record some music with a really good group of people. We hung out for a while, but unfortunately, not everyone was there by the time we had to leave to go to the next thing. We can't wait to hear the recording later, though.

Next was a pitch-in going away party for Cindy and Joe, who are moving back to the States.

Lots of friends showed up to wish them well.

This is Joe, one half of the couple moving away. (Apparently we failed to get a good photo of Cindy.)

Our friend Cheryl and her adorable daughter Khaya.

There was no breeze at all, so the the water was perfectly still. Some of the dogs thought it was perfect for swimming.

Lastly we went to Laruni Hati Beyabu, a beachside restuaurant on the north side of the village. Our friends Lea and Dorla
were hosting a "Buffalo Bill BBQ" featuring grilled water buffalo. Of course, they also had veggie rice and pasta salad.

Several friends from the last party were here as well, and it was also a really nice time with good friends and good food.

Children were having fun playing on the beach.

Yes, there is a barrier reef protecting the coast of Belize, and it reduces the wave action on the mainland beaches, but it's still
hard to imagine that this is actually ocean (okay, technically it's sea) when the water is this flat.

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