Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4-26-2017 Trek to Trevor's Orchard

Our friend Trevor has some property in the foothills of the Maya Mountains, and he wanted to check on it before he had to
leave for six months. Eric had been to it before and said it was beautiful, so we jumped at the chance for this adventure.

Starting out on our trek - there is no road directly to the property, and apparently they won't put one in until he starts building.

We started off following a dry creek bed.

A cool fossil rock

The dry creek joins with a running creek.

This is where you head upstream toward the hills.

At first you can pick your way along, stepping on only the dry rocks, but eventually you have to just wade through the stream.

Across the stream is Trevor's land. Apparently, just after he bought the land he built a little cabana and lived there for six
months. Then he had to go work in Canada, and when he returned to this property six months later he found that his cabana
had been fully disassembled and carted off board by board!

We took our first break nearby - Clifford and Eric are enjoying the view. 

We hiked a little further to a nice sandy spot for another break.

This is where Trevor got out his drone.

He wanted to use the drone to do an aerial survey of his property and the area.

The drone was way cool! He took it up and around, out of sight, and flying using only the camera view.

Flying down the river...

Surveying the area...

Further upstream is a deep section that you must swim through.

The swim to get to this point took more energy than expected.

At the base of the little falls were big rocks just under the surface, so you could be cool and comfortable sitting on a rock in
the water. 

Some of us continued a little further upstream to another deep spot to swim.

We didn't go too far, then returned to the little falls.

Trevor sitting on a dry rock, and Eric sitting on a submerged rock in the stream.

Then we floated/swam back to the sandy spot for lunch, a rest, and a swim.

Pictures really don't do this place justice. It's gorgeous, and it feels like your own private park. And the best part is, Clifford
heard the call of a Toucan (which kind of sounds like a frog, so Trevor wasn't believing him), then moments later it flew
across the river in front of us, followed by its mate!

We eventually started the trek back.

On a little island of big rocks in the river Trevor got out the drone again, and this time he found that someone was squatting
nearby on his friends' property. Trevor went to talk to the guy, but he wasn't at there, only his stuff was.

This was our last rest stop.

It was after 3pm at this point, so we didn't stop again.

Following the dry creek bed back - not too much farther now...

Panorama of the dry creek bed where we parked.

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