Saturday, April 29, 2017

4-29-2017 took Trevor and Tracey to the Airport in Dangriga

Trevor and Tracey have become good friends and they spend 6 months in Canada and 6 months in Belize.  We rented their house from them while they were in Canada last time.

Last June a mutual friend named Jess Flores passed away suddenly.  Jess was in Trevor's band and was a long time friend of his.  In the last 6 months Trevor has been working on making Jess's Grave nice so that was our first stop.

Trevor and Tracey next to Jess's Grave.....they are sitting on a neighbors grave

A lot of the graves are in disrepair.....but so are a lot of the houses in Dangriga

Finally the Plane arrived and it was time to go
Cara had some errands to run so Eric hung out near the river at the Star River Restaurant

In Dangriga everything stops from 12-1 for lunch.  So if you still need to do something you need to chill till 1

This is a nice little place where the river meets the sea.  Interestingly this river just leaves the mountain at Trevor's where we hiked last week

These prices are in Belize Dollars which is 2 Belize Dollars = 1 American Dollar

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