Monday, April 3, 2017

4-3-2017 Headed to Hopkins from Caye Caulker

We all got up early and we needed to see Jessica off to the airport.  It is a small island....we talked about taking a golf cart taxi, but decided to just walk.

This is the Airport Office

Jessica packed light...she had to head back to college and only had 3 nights

The plane is not huge, but it is a turbine motor and not a reciprocating motor

On the way home we decided to tour the less businessy part of Caye Caulker

We had to laugh at living room furniture out on a pier

Past the airport there is no public electricity nor is there any public water....the lots are bigger and we stumbled on a huge estate for sale.

We heard the guy has lived here for 20 years and kept improving the place the whole time.  You can see the solar panels that run the place.

Caye Caulker is filled with cute signs everywhere

We happened upon a particularly festive fence

Finally it was time for lunch and we needed to hurry and eat to catch the ferry

Cara went and checked us out while we finished up lunch

The Ferry was big and we settled in for ride back to Belize City.

There was a lady with 5 little kids who all slept on the trip. The little boy's feet kept falling off
the bench, so Cara just put them on her lap so he could sleep well.

On the drive home we decided to stop at Lamanai Chocolate.

Overall the quality of the product, the prices, and the whole experience left us pretty unimpressed
We chilled out at the bar at where our friends stayed in Hopkins.

We checked them into towards the end of the day

After that we walked over to a local restaurant and chowed down on some Burgers.....No pictures were taken.

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