Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4-5-2017 Hike on Tiger Fern Trail then Miniature Golf and merry making

Cara didn't feel very good, so she had some breakfast then rested.  The rest of us went to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a park run by the Audubon Society that has a bunch of cool trails on it.

We started off the day with Breakfast at Thongs.  This is the Thongs French Toast.

Brian and Eric got the Daily special because neither of us knew how to pronounce the dish

We had visions of an early start, but we hit the trail at 11:30.  The Cockscomb Basin has a lot of different trails ranging from
short ones to 30 mile trails.  We did 7 KM which is 4.8 miles. 

Start of the Tiger Fern Trail

The Trail started flat then rose and rose.  It was hot!

It was hazy, but the trail goes up and up until you get to the top of a small mountain.  Off in the distance is Victoria Peak
which is the second largest peak in Belize.

The cool thing about this trail is that you get super hot, but then appear at a nice cool waterfall you can swim in!

Brian needed to climb the waterfall.  Erin posed.

same picture as above but zoomed in

Brian continued to climb

Finally he got to a good jumping spot.  Erin scouted the landing area and he went!

We hung out for an hour or two at the Waterfall and just relaxed.

The nice thing about the trail is that every 10 minutes there is a bench to hang out on.

Wednesdays are Putt Putt night at so those the visitors went home and regrouped and returned.

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