Saturday, April 8, 2017

4-8-2017 King Family Leaves

Our friends' flight from Dangriga wasn't until 2:20 pm, so we went a little early to show them a bit of the town before they had
to head out. We stopped at Slaughterhouse Bar/Grill to get drinks for a visit to the nearby beach.

There were several people swimming in the sea and the river that enters the ocean here.

It's a beautiful area by a little park called "Y Not Island" where concerts and festivals are held.

Looking up the river

Many pelicans found an ice tree branch to rest on in the water.

Fishermen coming in from a morning fishing trip.

We returned our bottles at Slaughterhouse Bar/Grill then continued on our way.

We stopped for lunch at Pelican Beach Resort. We had to use the upstairs bar/restaurant (which we didn't even know existed)
because they were setting up for a beach wedding downstairs.

Everybody got stuffed fry jacks because it is a breakfast staple in Belize, and our friends had not had a chance to try them yet.

Part of the lovely wedding setup at Pelican Beach Resort.

We headed to the nearby airport and saw our friends off. The week flew by, but it was a great visit - so glad they came!

We stopped by Villa Rising Sun to return a couple of things of theirs, and we got invited to stay for a nice dinner with the
neighbor, Dean, whose wife was away for a wedding.

Tango was happy to be down at the bamboo bar with us, and she had to bring her big bone.

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