Sunday, April 9, 2017

4-9-2017 Sunday Beach Walk

On Sunday we decided to do our regular beach walk, but Spike the dog was ready to follow us again, so instead of walking the
whole way we drove up to Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack.

We continued north and were shocked to see how much more sargassum had washed ashore in
just two days!

This is the beach by Weiga and Kismet Inn. Well, there is a little beach under there, but it's mostly a floating mat of sargassum.

Looking toward the Kismet Inn seawall - just two days ago there were waves breaking here.

If a storm comes before this is cleared, then it will likely churn in the waves and erode more beach.  :(

Right now there is a small path to get to Hopkins Bay Resort and north from Kismet Inn. Again, this area is in danger of
washing away with the next storm.

We stopped at Rhum Shak at Hopkins Bay Resort for (half price) happy hour - the drinks are affordable then.

Then we continued up to "Hawaii", and you can see the moon already risen in the sky.

Behind us the sun was setting.

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