Sunday, May 21, 2017

5-21-2017 Chocolate Festival at Nim Li Punit

 This post is a little different than the others.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to view some cool videos.

The crowd was large so we had to park on the Highway and walk .5 miles to the Ruin

The logo is faded, but you get the point :)

It was a hilly hike with large stones

The stonework here is a lot finer than on the other Belizean Mayan ruins we have been to

There were several booths

This is the Ballfield as you would see it if you visited here.  We have a video of them playing below.

You can blow this up to really read it well.  There is a nice interpretive center that you could spend a long time visiting

This is the sign and below is the actual tomb you will see

Nice how Belize is so hands on...this is the royal tomb

This video is over 4 minutes long and it is the ceremony that they held before the match.  The Lady speaking said that the Mayan would first bless the 4 corners.  That is what this video shows.

Below is a cool video of what the Ball Playing Action looks like

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