Monday, June 19, 2017

6-19-2017 Exploring Caye Caulker

In the morning we picked up a golf cart from Buddy's Golf Cart Rentals and began our tour of the island.

We first took Cara's mother to see the seahorses at Iguana Reef Inn.

They have created a seahorse habitat off of their dock/beach area.

They can be hard to see at first. There is a seahorse just left of center in this photo.

Once you see one it's much easier to see others.

Still, they don't photograph terribly well with our phone cameras.

We continued south on the residential road. You can't really get past the airstrip, but the island widens in this area, and there
is a lot of land that is being cleared and filled and put up for sale.

An iguana watched us from a construction site.

We went back to the main street and stopped for lunch at the Sub Stop. When we were here in April it was called Sub Away
and looked remarkably like a U.S. chain restaurant, but for obvious reasons he changed the name and created a new menu.

They have picnic tables and this nice seating area overlooking the beach.

In driving around we encountered these two male iguanas fighting in the middle of the street. 

A guy said he had been watching them for at least fifteen minutes. We watched for another five, then drove on. Neither
seemed to have the upper hand, so it was going to be a matter of which one got exhausted and gave up first.

A cute anole with a colorful backdrop.

We returned the cart and went back to the hotel to chill on the rooftop deck, read books, take naps, etc.

The view from the rooftop deck...

We considered other places to eat, which were closed, so we ended up back at Bambooze for dinner. They have good,
affordable food, though, as well as shelter from the rain that came later, so we were happy. This is Cara's "Avocado Lunch
Bowl". Cara is thrilled that it's avocado season again!

Deedra's fish filet kebab with salad and baked potato

Erics Mango Tango fish filet with baked potato and stew beans

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