Sunday, June 25, 2017

6-25-2017 Another Mango Fest

We and several friends from Hopkins went to a private party that the host, Alan (in the white shirt) calls Mango Fest.

He has an incredible solar powered house.

And beautiful views.

Pam loved this chaise lounge with the hat because it looked like something from the movies.

There were several games involved, including, but not limited to pool (billiards), a coconut toss, and a golf chipping contest.

The players were trying to get closest to marked trees and posts on the way out and back.

Players finding their balls for the return.

The final goal was to hit the ball into a doorway at the base of the stairs (directly beneath the woman to the right).

Handing out the prizes for the games.

There were loads of mango trees on the property, giving us fresh mangoes at the party, and we
were allowed to take home some of what he called the commercial #31 mangoes. Yummmm!
Thank you for everything, Alan.

We saw lots of birds on the drive home. This looked like some kind of hawk.

We also saw a Collared aracari, a type of toucan. It looks red and black, with a long beak, almost in the center of the photo.

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