Sunday, June 4, 2017

6-3 to 6-4-2017 Hopkins Mango Fest

Mango Fest was moved to be later this year to be sure there would be ripe mangoes. The timing was perfect.

Bahay Fiesta Restaurant's booth had a beautiful display of mangoes (and a few pineapples).

We had no idea there were so many kinds of mangoes - over 20 in Belize!

Erecting the wood post for the greasy pole competition.

We didn't get pictures of everything but there were all kinds of other games, like tug-o-war, sack races, mango tango, beer
drinking competition, and mango eating competition.

Mango filled offerings from a variety of vendors included wine, daiquiris, smoothies, muffins, cakes, jams, salsas, ceviche,
and ideals (a  natural frozen fruit bar that quickly becomes a slushie - Cara tried one with rum in it, and it was good).

We couldn't spend the whole heat of the days in the sun at the festival, so there were some stops next door at Windschief Beach Bar.

Back to the festival and the greasy pole competition.

Many tried to make it to the top, and some got close, but nobody won the first day. We heard
someone won the second day, though we did not witness it.

Here is a short video of a pretty standard attempt at climbing the greasy pole:

The first night there was also a HUGE fireworks display, which we did see, as well as a concert, though we didn't have the energy for the concert this time.

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