Monday, June 5, 2017

6-5-2017 Birthday and Anniversary

It was our friend Shelly's 30th birthday. Her boyfriend, Jonathan, was out on an island doing some
marine research, but he arranged for Pam at Windschief to make a cake for her. Yes, the birthday
girl is named Shelly, but her cake says "Blancita". That's because Shelly joined a local women's
football team (that's soccer to those of us from the USA), and at the first game the announcer
kept calling her Blanquita (spanish for white girl) because he didn't know her name. Pam thought
it was hilarious, so the name kind of stuck, even if the spelling is creative.

Cheers and Happy Birthday, Shelly!

It also happened to be our 18 year anniversary, but we didn't feel like making a big deal about it, so we just watched the
Monday Night movies at Windschief. This week the movies were golf related (Caddy Shack and Happy Gilmore) to get
everyone in the mood for the upcoming monthly mini-golf tournament.

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