Saturday, July 29, 2017

7-28-2017 Florida Business Trip

Last minute we had to make a trip to Florida to take care of some business in person. Unfortunately, not everything got done
on Friday, so we would have to go back on Monday. That left us with a decision of what to do over the weekend.

We decided to explore the historic downtown of nearby Pensacola and consider our options.

We only explored a little bit then stopped for a drink, and Eric searched online for hotel deals. We discovered that the hotels
in Pensacola were expensive, and the amazingly the best deals in a decent destination within a 4-5 hour drive were in New
Orleans! That's a place we love, so we decided to go.

On the walk back to our car we passed this food truck courtyard.

We love food trucks, and we love Airstream trailers, but this place seemed a little too "cookie cutter" and lacked the charm
of the food truck courts that come about organically.

We drove as far as Biloxi, Mississippi then stopped for the night.

We checked out the Hard Rock Casino, which we found freezing cold since it's highly air-conditioned and we are used to
Belize heat without A/C. Still, we had some fun then slept for a few hours in our car. (We had folded the back seats flat and
laid down our comfy camping mats to make for nice sleeping.)

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