Friday, July 7, 2017

7-7-2017 Nick & Amanda's Beach Wedding

Eric took video of the event, and Cara helped the photographer, Roi, but we managed to still get
a few nice photos of our own.

The decorations were simple yet beautiful.

Wedding souvenirs - inside each cup was a small bottle of the local One Barrel rum and two small bottles of green and red
Marie Sharp's hot sauce.

The wedding cake and cupcakes - beautiful and delicious.

Guests started to arrive around 4 pm.

Thankfully there was no rain, and it was a gorgeous day!

Nick and Amanda wrote their own vows.

Mr. and Mrs.

Family photo time

Dinner time - Geckos Restaurant catered the wedding and did a wonderful job.

The back door had been left open for people to find the restroom. Unfortunately, there were lots of crabs out and about
because of the recent rains, and several of them found their way inside, then found themselves trapped in a corner. We just
laughed and shooed them out with our flip flops (forgive the pun, lol).

Several lovely speeches were given, as well as a funny roast by Amanda's younger brother, Nolan.

Time to cut the cake

The wedding itself was just close family and a few friends, but after that was a reception/party for all the friends living in Belize. Amazingly, we failed to get any photos of the party, but it was also great fun. 

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