Monday, November 20, 2017

11-1 to 11-20-2017 Miscellaneous Events

On Monday nights Windschief Beach Bar shows movies for free, so we usually go because, why not? This month we
watched "Coyote Ugly", a "Wayne's World" double feature, and "A Christmas Story" (Cara's suggestion, because in her
family it's just not Christmas without watching that movie at least once).

Cara started taking Jujitsu classes. She made one class at this beautiful location on a Tuesday morning because our Internet
wasn't hooked up yet, so no work could be done. 

However, once Internet got hooked up, she could only attend the Thursday night and Sunday morning classes at Windschief
Beach Bar. Actually, Cara is learning Jujitsu (great self defense) AND Kobudo (working with weapons).

Tuesday nights we usually head to Driftwood Pizza Shack for their jam night.

If rain is possible, the musicians play inside, but when it is nice they play outside, which is always better.

November 10th we went to the grand opening of The Sea Bar at Beaches & Dreams (under new ownership).

Big news - our little village is getting paved roads! This is step one, laying down lots of gravel.

November 15th brought the monthly mini-golf tournament, which is always fun regardless of where we place.

Our friend Trevor came in first this month.

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