Thursday, March 15, 2018

3-15-2018 Indian Creek Cave Kayaking

Our friend Terry arranged a cave kayaking trip with Maya Guide Adventures. We were told we would go through 5 caves!


It's a 45 minute ride in the back of a truck across a river and through the jungle.

The put-in on Indian Creek.

A low spot where you had to lay flat and pull yourself through with your hands on the ceiling.

In one spot the guides lined our boats through one opening, while we hiked in another.

This is what we avoided. The guides got our boats just below this little waterfall, then we hopped in and continued.

A tight squeeze.

Stopping for lunch break.

Lunch spread - make your own burritos, with homemade tortillas.

The take-out.

Lovely views on the ride back to our vehicles.

The roads were not so lovely, and we were happy to be riding, not driving.

We were in Mennonite country, as evidenced by the horse drawn wagon.

After any trip with Maya Guide Adventures we seem to stop at Over The Top Cool Spot.

It was a fabulous trip, and a great adventure to share with our friend.

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