Monday, March 19, 2018

3-18-2018 Davis Falls with Cheryl

Our friend Cheryl said she wanted to see a waterfall, and another friend just happened to have a trip planned to a whopper of
a waterfall - Davis Falls. The timing was perfect so we jumped at the chance.

8 river crossings - this is the first and biggest.

Traffic jam.

Our parking area - lol!

The actual "Parking Area", which is on the other side of a walking bridge.

Not yet...

Still not there...

Keep going...

Boulder along the river.

The reward!

We Googled it, and Davis Falls is about 500 feet tall. (Niagara Falls is only about 167 feet tall.)

Looking up at the top of the falls.

On the way back something happened and they had to manually disable one of the tires. Whatever they did worked, and we
all made it home safely. It was another great trip to Davis Falls!

Our friend Cheryl had to leave the next morning. We stopped at the restaurant at Pelican Beach Resort for breakfast, which
is just a one minute ride to the airport in Dangriga.

It was also Cheryl's last chance for stuffed fry jacks - yum!

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